Squigly XBLA

Lab Zero’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign aiming to bring new characters to its fighter Skullgirls came to a close this week after raising nearly $830k–easily crushing its initial goal of $150k. Peter Bartholow, CEO of Lab Zero and the game’s producer, can’t believe the success of the campaign, telling XBLAFans that “many people on the team thought we’d fail to fund Squigly . . . and now we’ve got five characters to make.” In addition to the five new characters, the game will also see four new story modes, six stages, and nine voice packs:

  • First Character: Squigly, including  customn stage and story
  • Second Character: Big Band,  including  customn stage and story
  • Third Character: Determined by fan vote, with corrisponding stage and story
  • Fourth Characeter: Determined by fan vote, with corrisponding stage and story
  • Fifth Characeter: Robo-Fortune
  • Bonus Stages: River King Casino and Glass Canopy
  • Voice Packs: “Republican Double,” “Robo-Fortune,” “Female Announcer,” “Saly Parasoul,” “Drunk FGC Commentator,” “Valley Girl Painwheel,” “Saxplotation,” “Anime Peacock,” and “Real Soviet Announcer”

Don’t worry if you missed out on contributing, because Lab Zero is bringing all of the new characters to the game free of charge for a period of three months after each one’s release; after that time, the cost of the character goes up to $5. Squigly is the first new fighter to step into the ring this coming July alongside the game’s PC release. Bartholow predicts, “each character after that will probably be released after another 3-4 months.” With a little over a year of planned content, there is no better time than now to give Skullgirls a shot; you can download the demo or purchase the full game here.