Upcoming fighting game Skullgirls got some love at Evo 2011 recently and Reverge Labs has unveiled a new character, their fourth to date, Parasoul. Parasoul is a very large woman among girls possessing an umbrella which cries tears of napalm. Due to her size and reach she plays as a zoner/poker, which means she controls the space around her very well with the use of attacks with a lot of reach or that make it difficult for her opponent to move in and attack her close up.

Parasoul has a napalm tear attack where she can launch fire orbs in different arcs and time where they’ll stay either in the air or on the ground and will detonate after a short period of time; the timing is entirely player controlled. She also has a quake attack which knocks down on medium and is an invincible launcher on heavy. Lastly is a very unique attack involving the soldiers she has at her command called “Soldier Call”. The different levels will call in different soldiers, one is a motorocycle-mounted soldier who grabs the opponent and drags them to the opposite side of the screen, one jumps out in front of Parasoul and will absorb projectile attacks (and projectile attacks only), and one simply distracts her allowing her to special cancel out of moves which normally aren’t cancellable. Some of her inputs are charge, some are directional. She seems like a powerful addition to the roster complete with her own unique flare and theme (she seems to be a stern general of some sort) and we’re likely to see a trailer for her soon.

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