Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games recently told Gamasutra that a sequel to 2009’s Shadow Complex may still be in the pipes. Blezsinski states that Shadow Complex 2 is “largely designed”, yet Epic is still searching for a partner to help them finish and release the game. The original Shadow Complex was developed by Chair Entertainment and quickly became one of XBLA’s most successful titles when it launched. Work on Shadow Complex 2 was put on hold when Epic decided to have Chair focus on Infinity Blade for iOS which also succeeded in its own right.

The pure fact that Epic is talking about Shadow Complex 2 gives us hope that we will see the game completed and released on XBLA in the relatively near future. If you haven’t checked out Shadow Complex for yourself, and need some convincing, check out our review. If Shadow Complex 2 does indeed get the green light to go back into production, expect plenty of coverage here at XBLAFans.

Source: Gamasutra