There are 52 cards to collect (a whole deck). They are scattered throughout the mansion. You must collect them all for a hidden ending (in the Room of Old Habits). For the most part, you will be able to collect almost all of them by yourself, without any help. However, by the end of the game you might be missing a couple and have no clue where you haven’t checked yet. It is highly suggested that you keep track of what you have already collected. Then, you can see which ones you need and reference the guide. This guide is not in order, and is just a means of finding what you couldn’t find on your own. Not meant to be a guide you follow. You will need to collect all the masks and complete most of the story in order to gain all cards. A full guide to all the other achievements can be found HERE.


Access to Areas: Sometimes you will not have access to areas because of powers not collected. You will have to wait to get certain cards, even if not detailed in the guide. For example, there are doors you cannot open until later on in the game.
Certain cards can be collected only once you have obtained the right power. You’ll figure this out as you progress.
Floor: Quite literally, you will find cards just lying on the floor highlighted in yellow.
Fireplaces: Time based cards you find in fireplaces, before they get lit on fire.
Interaction: Certain objects you can interact with (like a shelf). They are highlighted in blue.
Ghosts: Sometimes, ghosts are needed to obtain cards. You will need the lighter to light the candles in rooms in order to talk to them.
Puzzles: Sometimes it’s a puzzle that needs to be solved. Mostly this is in the basement. Running on the vinyl record in the room, finding the ball to interact with the pinball machine, and even collecting certain cards to create a bridge.


It might help if you use a checklist in order to keep track. Below is a provided example. You can save it to your computer or gallery, and edit it as you go along (marking off what you have obtained).





2 of Spades: In a chest at the Theatre Brutale area. This area sometimes has a dark theme look to it.
Requirement: Greyson’s Lightfingered Touch

2ofspades 2ofspadesmap

3 of Spades: Found in the basement area. Interact with the object.
Requirement: None

3ofspades 3ofspadesmap

4 of Spades: In the basement area on the ground of the room with portraits
Requirement: None

4ofspades 4ofspadesmap

5 of Spades: In the hallway to the left of the library. Interact with the object.
Requirement: None

5ofspades 5ofspadesmap

6 of Spades: Found on the ground on the First Floor.
Requirement: None

6ofspades 6ofspadesmap

7 of Spades: Found on the middle of the floor
Requirement: None

7ofspades 7ofspadesmap

8 of Spades: Interact with the shelf.
Requirement: None

8ofspades 8ofspadesmap

9 of Spades: Found on the ground on First Floor
Requirement: None

9ofspades 9ofspadesmap

10 of Spades: Found inside the fireplace in the hall South of the camera room.
Requirement: Time based. Must collect before the fireplace gets lit at 3PM.

10ofspades 10ofspadesmap

Jack of Spades: In the bar, on the ground to the right.
Requirement: None

jackofspades jackofspadesmap

Queen of Spades: Stage room left of the three ghosts that block the hallway.
Requirement: None

queenofspades queenofspadesmap

King of Spades: Open the chest in the room where you feed the Charm.
Requirement: Greyson’s Lightfingered Touch

kingofspades kingofspadesmap

Ace of Spades: First floor, shatter the vase in the room with the piano (not main stage)
Requirement: Tequila’s Shattering Voice

aceofspades aceofspadesmap



2 of Hearts: In the casino area where Clay gets poisoned. On the ground by the Reaper.
Requirement: None

2ofhearts 2ofheartsmap

3 of Hearts: On the ground in a room north a slot statue.
Requirement: None

3ofhearts 3ofheartsmap

4 of Hearts: On the walkway of the big room that leads out to the mansion grounds.
Requirement: None

4ofhearts 4ofheartsmap

5 of Hearts: In in urn, inside of the east most room on the first floor.
Requirement: Tequila’s Shattering Voice

5ofhearts 5ofheartsmap

6 of Hearts: On the floor in a room with 2 green chairs, in the basement area.
Requirement: None

6ofhearts 6ofheartsmap

7 of Hearts: Found just before the storage room, in a clothes rack.
Requirement: None

7ofhearts 7ofheartsmap

8 of Hearts: Inside the urn in the bottom room of casino area.
Requirement: Tequila’s Shattering Voice

8ofhearts 8ofheartsmap

9 of Hearts: Inside of the first floor fireplace.
Requirement: Must collect before 5:10PM

9ofhearts 9ofheartsmap

10 of Hearts: You must play the pinball game in the basement.
Requirement: Ball item  from the room with the Reaper

10ofhearts 10ofheartsmap

Jack of Hearts: In the basement, in bottom left room of mirror walkways.
Requirement: Eleanor’s Mirror Walk

jackofhearts jackofheartsmap

Queen of Hearts: Interact with the podium in the room East of the elevator furnace.
Requirement: None

queenofhearts queenofheartsmap

King of Hearts: This urn is in the theater area.
Requirement: Tequila’s Shattering Voice

kingofhearts kingofheartsmap

Ace of Hearts: In the basement you’ll find a card vortex room, with a card over a bridge you must build.
Requirement: You must collect certain cards to build a bridge

aceofhearts aceofheartsmap



2 of Clubs: In a fireplace, SW of the theater.
Requirement: Obtain before 6:30PM

2ofclubs 2ofclubsmap

3 of Clubs: In the hallway left of where Trinity gets attacked by the spider.
Requirement: None

3ofclubs 3ofclubsmap

4 of Clubs: On a walkway in the basement area, where the mirrors are.
Requirement: Eleanor’s Mirror Walk

4ofclubs 4ofclubsmap

5 of Clubs: On the ground in a hallway above the stage where Redd and Greyson die.
Requirement: None

5ofclubs 5ofclubsmap

6 of Clubs: In the library, left of a bookshelf under the chandelier.
Requirement: None

6ofclubs 6ofclubsmap

7 of Clubs: Top room of the chapel area
Requirement: None

7ofclubs 7ofclubsmap

8 of Clubs: On the ground in one of the casino rooms.
Requirement: None

8ofclubs 8ofclubmap

9 of Clubs: Inside the small room with the red curtain, on the ground.
Requirement: None

9ofclubs 9oflclubsmap

10 of Clubs: On a bookshelf in the room with the padlocked green door.
Requirement: None

10ofclubs 10ofclubsmap

Jack of Clubs: Once you get outside to the Mansion Grounds, you’ll find this to your left.
Requirement: Tequila’s Shattering Voice

jackofclubs jackofclubsmap

Queen of Clubs: Found inside a chest in a room SW of the security camera room
Requirement: Greyson’s Lightfingered Touch

queenofclubs queenofclubsmap

King of Clubs: Light the candle and talk to the ghost in the room with the slot statue that has no arm.
Requirement: Lighter

kingofclubs kingofclubsmap

Ace of Clubs: After obtaining the camera codes, you can interact with them. One of the cameras will give you a card.
Requirement: None

aceofclubs aceofclubsmap



2 of Diamonds: In the dining area with the curtain. Open the dumb-waiter compartment.
Requirement: May be timed (either before or after the arm is hidden inside of it).

2ofdiamonds 2ofdiamondsmap

3 of Diamonds: On the ground in the same room as a fireplace (first floor).
Requirement: None

3ofdiamonds 3ofdiamondsmap

4 of Diamonds: On the ground in the Grand Lobby and Ballroom.
Requirement: None

4ofdiamonds 4ofdiamondsmap

5 of Diamonds: In the Master Aquarium room with the fish, on the first floor (with chest).
Requirement: None

5ofdiamonds 5ofdiamondsmap

6 of Diamonds: After removing the record and lighting the candle in the bar, hide and you’ll hear the password spoken by Arum to the ghost. This is in the room to the right of the ghost band room.
Requirement: Trinity’s Perfect Hearing, done before 1:10PM

6ofdiamonds 6ofdiamondsmap

7 of Diamonds: In the basement with the room that has the mirror (not mirror area).
Requirement: None

7ofdiamonds 7ofdiamondsmap

8 of Diamonds: On the ground in a room near the main theater.
Requirement: None

8ofdiamonds 8ofdiamondsmap

9 of Diamonds: In the storage room by the music stage. On the ground in the corner.
Requirement: None, but difficult to see.

9ofdiamonds 9ofdiamondsmap

10 of Diamonds: As soon as you go up the stairs to the First Floor, it’s on the ground.
Requirement: None

10ofdiamonds 10ofdiamondsmap

Jack of Diamonds: In the urn that is in the room with the ghost band, North of the bar.
Requirement: Tequila’s Shattering Voice

jackofdiamons mapofjackofdiamonds

Queen of Diamonds: Inside the giant record player room in the basement.
Requirement: Run on the vinyl record to make it spin.

queenofdiamonds queenofdiamondsmap

King of Diamonds: Light the candle and talk to the ghost inside the chapel.
Requirement: Lighter

kingofdiamonds kingofdiamondsmap

Ace of Diamonds: Inside a chest in the basement area.
Requirement: Greyson’s Lightfingered Touch

aceofdiamonds aceofdiamondsmap