Achievements: 19 (1000 gamerscore)
Difficulty: Easy
Time: About 8-10 Hours

Completion Pros:

  • No real way to “die”
  • No harder difficulty to worry about
  • Can finish collecting things after end game (you get a choice)
  • Quality in-game menu and map
  • Game gets easier as you play

Completion Cons:

  • Does not show which cards you’ve already collected
  • Some collectibles are fairly difficult in nature
  • No real direction from game on what to do next
  • Achievements are all secret

What to know before starting:
The game has no difficulty setting. There is no attacking or fighting; you just walk around the mansion discovering, solving puzzles, and starting the day over again. Similar to movies with the “groundhogs day” theme, you basically start your day over again and again. As you save guests in the mansion, you gain more powers. Certain items you obtain you keep forever. If you can’t figure out how to get through a door or open something, it’s likely because you can’t until you progress farther. You cannot miss anything, so feel free to move to the final part before grabbing all collectibles. There are 52 cards and 9 invitations to collect. You only have to play through the game one time.




endof The End of the Beginning 15GS
See everything the Bloody Girl has to show you.

This is basically the tutorial. Just play, and you’ll automatically get this. You will be presented with the story and what you need to do. The game’s primary goal is for you to save guests and uncover new powers while unraveling the mansion’s mystery.

nonethewiser Sixpence None the Wiser 30GS
Save the Master of the Clockmaker, Reginald Sixpence.


This is the first guest you have to save. It serves as a type of tutorial for the game. Sixpence is a character who gets shot. In order to stop him, you must put a blank in the rifle that will be used to shoot him.

  1. Grab empty gun shell from the room with the safe after 1:30 PM (when Sixpence opens it and leaves).
  2. Place the blank in the rifle. You must be quick. Go back to the room with the clock (the right door). Now exit into the hallway (up) and head into the next room (up). The gun is on the wall. You’ll want to do this before around the 2:25 PM mark.

spider To Defeat the Spider’s Curse… 75GS
Save Trinity and Clay.


You must save two guests, Clay and Trinity. Clay will eventually drink poison while gambling and Trinity will be horrifically wrapped up by a giant spider. You must get the password for the cameras, project camera 3 on the monitor, and then enable camera 3. This will show Clay on the monitor that Trinity is in dire need of saving, and he will rescue her.

  1. Obtain CCTV Passwords.  Below where Clay is gambling, there is a camera room. Here you will be able to obtain the password, written on a note.
  2. Now, head to the monitor in that same room and change the projector to display camera 3.
  3. Head to camera 3. Exit the camera room, go up and up again. The camera is on the right side of the room.

thedevilandblue The Devil and the Blue 30GS
Save Willow Blue.


Willow must be saved, but first, you have to let her die. She hangs herself, but something makes her. The only way to stop this will be to get through a secret passage. First, let her die. Advance to 8 PM if you want. From the clock where you should be starting, go right to find the bone key (only appears after her death). Go up, left through an area with paintings, then left again for the room that obtains the thing you must unlock. Find it, unlock it, and restart your day. Go left of where you start and grab the charm. Back in the clock room, use the charm on the fish tank on the right. Go to the area on your right, then up. Head to the second room to the left. Use the charm again on the fish tank there. Now, go back and to the next door on that goes left. The room has paintings in it. You can go through the passage after you see Willow go. Now follow her and use the charm to continue. Go up the stairs and rotate the water so that it puts the candle out. The giant fish will vanish.

  1. Obtain the bone key. (only after Willow death)
  2. Use the bone key to get the recipe. Reset the time.
  3. Grab the hungry charm.
  4. Feed on the fish tank in the clock room.
  5. Feed again on a fish tank in the other room
  6. Follow Willow through a secret passage and use charm
  7. Rotate valve to make water put the candle out

tequiladown Tequila, Down the Hatch 30GS
Save Tequila Belle.


Tequila has two phases of death. While singing, glass shatters behind her, and she gets cut. Then she gets pushed into a hatch that leads to where the spider is. To save her, all you have to do is lock the guy that plays the piano in the storage room. You have to take a record from the left room from the starting point. Go to the storage room to play it. This noise distracts the piano player, and he goes to investigate. Grab the storage room key on the piano and lock him in the storage room.

  1. Grab Vinyl Record that’s playing to the left of the starting point.
  2. Go to the storage room, and place it on the record player.
  3. Wait until the guy leaves, then take the storage key from the piano.
  4. Go back to the storage room door and lock it.

senseofdread A (Stylish) Sense of Dread 15GS
Encounter a chilling figure in the heart of the mansion.

As you progress through the game, you will obtain this achievement automatically.

electric An Electric Performance! 75GS
Save Greyson and Redd from a dramatic exit.


You will need to obtain the lighter. From the clock, go right twice then up. Hide, and you will be able to grab the lighter once the guests leave. Return to the clock room and light the candle with the lighter. Now talk to the ghost that appears. He moves around, so you might have to wait. Once you talk to him, he’ll reveal a circuit breaker. Go back to the room that you obtained the lighter, and go up a room. You will be able to turn electricity on. There are two main levers that need to be pulled at the same time. Redd will be pulling the right one at 8:45 PM. He pulls the lever in the room on the right (of the main stage). You will need to pull the lever in the left room (of the main stage). Do this at the same time he does. He will pull open the cage without being electrocuted.

  1. Obtain the lighter.
  2. Light the candle in the starting room (with the clock).
  3. Talk to the ghost that appears.
  4. Go to the hidden circuit breaker and activate it.
  5. At 8:45 PM, same time Redd activates the right switch, activate the left switch.


scenical How Scenical! How Scenical! 30GS
Discover the mansion grounds.

In order to discover the Mansion Grounds, you must first obtain Tequila’s Shattering Voice power. Use it on the glass to exit the mansion and go outside. You must do this at some point to continue the story.

stories Stories and Studies of Strange Things 30GS
Discover the library.

Eventually, you will find yourself at the library. It’s a room on the ground floor.

lightfan The Light Fantastic 15GS
Smash a priceless chandelier.

In order to get this, you must first have Tequila’s Shattering Voice power. In the Library, there is chandelier on the ceiling. You must get to it and use the power. It will crash down, and a candle will be revealed that you can light.

fryingpan Out of the Frying Pan… 75GS
Save Aurum and Thanos.


Aurum and Thanos get into an elevator and get incinerated. You’ve probably wondered what those slot machine statues were for. These statues appear on the map and have a yellow light shining out from them. Once you pull the lever until it shows a heart, the statue will light up green. So you need to get all 4 to match as hearts. The one above the bar you’ll need the password. You have to do it at the start of the day. Take out the record and light the candle. Then listen to the password that Aurum gives. The next one is just in the main lobby area with the clock. Then go to one missing the arm (arm obtained from peeking at someone hiding it in the dining room). There’s a piano there. Afterward, wait for Aurum in the last room (with lone ghost). After he pulls the lever, reset it back to hearts.

  1. Peak through the wall into the dining room to get the location of arm handle. This happens around 2:15 PM.
  2. Go to the clock closest to the bar. Reset your day.
  3. Go to the bar as quickly as you can. Light the candle and take the record off the player. Hide and listen for the password.
  4. The room you can now enter has the first statue. Spin it until you get hearts.
  5. Make sure the Grand Lobby statue is hearts (room below the Ballroom).
  6. Obtain the Statue Arm item from the dumb-waiter in the dining room.
  7. Use it on the statue that’s missing the arm. It’s in the room to the right of the Phoenix elevator.
  8. Now go to the last statue next to the Ballroom. Plan to pull this one after 8:45 PM. Arum will pull the lever, so you have to wait until he has done it.


kinginred The King in Red 75GS
Encounter the deep Lord of the mansion.

As you progress through the game, you will obtain this achievement automatically.

intofire …Into the Fire 15GS
Survive the burning mansion.

As you progress through the game, you will obtain this achievement automatically.

findingforever Finding Forever 30GS
Spill the deepest secrets at the heart of the Sexy Brutale.

As you progress through the game, you will obtain this achievement automatically.

thegang The Gang’s All Here 75GS
Possess every invite sent to every guest.


You will need to collect all 9 invitations. Some of them are tricky, while others you just need to collect them off of their corpse. In the menu, under the Brochure tab, you can find which ones you need. They go in the order of dies (based on who you’re supposed to save next). Collecting the invitations will give you a lot more information about the characters too.

Reginald Sixpence


Can be found on his body, after he has been shot.


Clay Rockridge


Can be found on his body after he has been poisoned.


Trinity Carrington


You can collect this from the corpse of Trinity. You must do so in the last hour before the reset.


Willow Blue


After Willow’s death, go back to the secret room.


Tequila Belle


You must light the candle in the room that Tequila sang in. Then, talk to the ghost by the piano.


Greyson Grayson


The safe from the very beginning of the game contains Greyson’s invitation. You must get there before Sixpence opens it. You will have access to this area late in the game.


Redd Rockridge


You can find this on Redd’s corpse. He is found in the theater.


Aurum Runes


Arum’s is quite complex compared to the others. You must gain the charm first (feed it just to make sure). Then, you will need to light the candle in the room above the bar and talk to the ghost. He will trade you the invitation for the charm. NOTE: In order to gain access to this room, you will have to have lit the candle and taken the record inside the bar. This will let you listen to the password Arum speaks to the ghost.


Thanos Gorecki


You can find this on Thanos’s corpse. His body appears in the basement near the end of the night.


fulldeck A Full Deck 75GS
Collect every card available within the mansion.

You must find all 52 cards in the game. Go to the page provided below to find any missing cards. It’s a very good idea to have kept a check list in order to know which one you are missing. One is provided for you at the top of this guide.


Click HERE for the locations of all 52 cards!

habdoor The Door of Old Habits… 75GS
Unlock the door to a deep, dark place.

After obtaining the key to this door, you just have to unlock it. You may not have realized what the key unlocked. Therefore, you may be unlocking this in the late game. This is where the 52 cards you have been collecting “come into play.” This is the third ending that you can get in the game. Collect all cards and return to this room.

sexybrut The Tale of the Sexy Brutale 75GS
Get all the pieces in place.

This is unlocked through the natural play of the game, near the end of the story. Basically, you just have to set your reset point on the bomb, reset the day, and cut the wires. Very easy final puzzle.

totalbrut Total Brutale 160GS
Unlock every trick, secret and note that the mansion has to offer.

This will be one of your last achievements. Collect all the cards, save all the guests, obtain every invitation, and unlock all details about the rooms. At the end of the game, you will be asked if you want to reset the day. Reset it to continue on your journey to collect everything. You must use the power from Thanos in order to discover more information about certain rooms (this is the Architect Insight). You just press X when the mask appears, and you will unlock the information in the brochure. This is found in the menu. Once you have done everything, all that will be left in the brochure is the secrets section, which will stay hidden until you complete the game. Once complete, the achievement will unlock.


List of Brochure unlocks

-All tutorials on powers (obtained from saving guests)
-All guests (obtained from invitations)
-Mansion Rooms are unlocked with Thanos’ Architect Insight for the most part, but some of it is unlocked with exploration, story progression, and collectibles obtained.

  • The Casino: The camera Room, The Casino Centre, The Butterfly House
  • The Bar: What’s Your Poison Bar, The Dance Hall
  • The Guest Rooms: Tequila’s Room, The Hungry Lock, The Secret Chamber, The Bell Tower, Grinmaw, Deep Demon, Willow Blue’s Room, Eleanor’s Painting Room, Master Aquarium
  • The Music Rooms: Instrument Pool Room, Tequila’s Stage, Band Room, Dressing Room
  • The Theater Brutale: The Theater Brutale, The Moloch Egg, The Switch Rooms, The Marquis’ Chamber, Theater Waiting Room
  • The Heaven & Hell Staircase: The Hell Room, The Dining Hall, The Furnace Elevator
  • The Basement: The Great Gold Elevator, The Broken Mask Room, The Graveyard, The Gramophone Room, The Prison, The Card Room, The Clean Room
  • The Gardens: The Gardens
  • The Chapel: The Smoking Room, The Safe Room, The Waiting Room, The Hunting Room
  • Secrets: The King in Red’s Chamber, The Secret Haven, The Room of Old Habits, The Sexy Brutale, The Chapel, The Planning Room, The Clock Tower, Lafcadio Boone, Lucas Bondes, Eleanor Bondes, The Bloody Girl, Deuteronomy Bounde