Sanctum 2 XBLA

Coffee Stain Studios’ sci-fi mash-up of tower defense and first-person gunplay is likely looking at one large DLC drop later this year. Game designer and PR Manager Armin Ibrisagic spoke about Sanctum 2‘s forthcoming downloadable content on the studios’ developer blog, stating:

Regarding the DLCs, we’re looking to release DLC1 and DLC2 on consoles later this year as a single “big DLC”.. It takes a lot of time to get through Microsoft’s submission process, so we’re probably going to bundle up DLC1 and DLC2 into the same package.

Regarding DLC3 and 4 it will depend on how sales develop and how painless the first DLC launch will be. We know that we have a very dedicated XBLA community that can’t wait to get their hands on our DLCs, so we definitely want to get it out there.

The first content update for Sanctum 2 was recently rolled out for free on the PC version of the title, via Steam. The offering, called Sandbox Mode, fittingly introduces customization options for completed levels that allow you to tailor the resource acquisition for each wave, enemy hit points and the ability to turn off the Tower Cap – the limit to the number of towers you can utilize.

That content package (DLC1) will likely make its way to the game’s console version on Xbox Live Arcade, though mum’s the word on what the second DLC pack might include. “I can’t say exactly what it’s about (things are much more exciting when they’re secret, aren’t they?),” Ibrisagic teased. “But I can say that we’re having tons of fun making it!” There’s no communicated release window for console DLC, at this time.

Source: Coffee Stain Studios