If you’re lucky enough to have the Sales & Specials app available in your region, then you might want to check it out once every few days. Within that app is a simple Scratch & Match style game where you can win some cool free content but as long as you play the game (win or lose) you will be prompted to save some money on various pieces of content that appear to change about once per week. This week is offering a zombie-themed special and two XBLA games are included in the sale. You can pick up Zombie Apocalypse or All Zombies Must Die!¬†both reduced by 240MSP. Be sure to pick them up through this app though as it is the only way to access these sale prices.

Zombie Apocalypse – Was 800 MSP – Is now 560 MSP – Download the trial

All Zombies Must Die! РWas 800 MSP РIs now 560 MSP РDownload the trial 

Be sure to check out our review for All Zombies Must Die! and our review of Zombie Apocalypse if you aren’t sure if these are the right games for you. To access the Sales & Specials app, locate the “Sales & Specials” ad on your dashboard that is usually located in the games hub. This week the ad has a picture of Scott Pilgrim on it. Click on that ad and if you see the offer that is pictured above to download the Sales & Specials app, then you are good to go :)