Following in the long and proud (?) tradition set by classics such as Cool Spot, Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest, and most recently the XBLA Doritos duo: Crash Course and Harm’s Way, it looks like Sour Patch Kids will be using consoles to sell snacks. We’ve spotted what could be evidence of World Gone Sour on a Sour Patch Facebook page. While there, make sure to check out Method Man’s tribute to the tangy sweets. The video and photo found on the page vaguely describes World Gone Sour “a sour then sweet game headed to a console near you.” Given the track record of adver-games this generation, something tells us World Gone Sour will be a downloadable title that will most likely show up on XBLA, though we have nothing that confirms a distribution method as of yet. Stay tuned to for more details on World Gone Sour as they emerge.