Once upon a time many eons ago, two men teamed up at LucasArts and created classic games such as Grim Fandango, Monkey Island, and Maniac Mansion. One of those men, Tim Schafer went on to found Double Fine Productions, the studio responsible for hits such as Psychonauts, Trenched and Costume Quest. The other man, Ron Gilbert has bounced around throughout the years recently working on titles such as DeathSpank and Tales of Monkey Island. In the present, Mr. Gilbert has reunited with his old co-worker, and is currently working at Tim Shafer’s Double Fine Productions. So then the question is, what is Ron Gilbert working on?

Above you see the first concept art released from Gilbert’s unannounced project at Double Fine. Published on his blog, Gilbert states that the art depicts characters who are playable in the game, which is still unofficial at this point. We’re not even sure if the game will be digital download, or a retail game. What we do know however is that Gilbert has stated that this new project will please fans of old school adventure games. Whatever it is, we’re excited about it, and we sincerely hope that it will grace Xbox Live Arcade. Stay tuned for more news on the game, and other projects in development over at Double Fine here at XBLAFans.

Source: Kotaku