Ronimo Games has published an ear pleasing feature on their website delving into the audio aspects of their upcoming MOBA title Awesomenauts. The feature gives us an in depth look at the game’s music, sound design, and voice acting, while showing us how its actually created and tied together in the final product. Take a listen to Sheriff Lonestar’s theme song (above) for a sample of the audio work Ronimo is doing on the game. Additionally, Ronimo has announced that Awesomenauts will feature “Prestige mode”, the increasingly popular feature usually found in first-person shooters that allows players to reset their rank, start from scratch, and work their way up to the top again.

For those unfamiliar, Awesomenauts is a side-scrolling multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title that pits two teams of three against one another. The core concept revolves around fighting alongside computer controlled units to push into your enemies’ territory and capture the objective. Made popular by games such as DOTA and League of Legends the genre has begun moving toward the console market ever so slowly. Will Awesomenauts be the game that breaks down the barrier and celebrates the birth of the genre on consoles? We’ll find out when Awesomenauts hits Xbox Live Arcade. No release date for the game has been announced.