Rocket League, last year’s indie darling on PC and PlayStation 4, has finally arrived on Xbox One, and you can read XBLA Fans’ review right here. The Xbox One version, however, was submitted to Microsoft certification prior to features like Rocket Labs and cross-promotional Garage items making their way into the PC and PS4 versions, so it’s currently lagging a little behind in content.

There’s good news for Xbox onwers, though: developer Psyonix, Inc. is promising that content parity will be achieved by April. You won’t have to wait that long for some of the features, either, with “Snow Day” and a title update coming this week.

Snow Day is a mode that essentially switches soccer to hockey, with a puck replacing the ball and ice replacing the grass. This mode will not create a new playlist, and will instead appear as an additional non-competitive play mode. Psyonix is describing Title Update 1 as a “quality of life” patch, the details of which are below.

  • Fixed crash instances that would sometimes occur when playing the game uninterrupted for several consecutive hours
  • Fixed an issue where game entered an unresponsive state when attempting to join another user in the post-game lobby
  • Players should now properly transition into a session after accepting an Xbox One Party invite
  • Fixed an issue where the “Option” menu or “Report Player” menu would permanently remain on-screen when transitioning to the next match
  • Fixed multiple instances where players did not see other players in their own in-game Party

Following that patch will be the “Mutator Mashup” by late March (possibly sooner), which will introduce “Mutator” combinations like Cubic and Pinball. Finally, another content update is planned for April to roll out Rocket Labs and all the other content previously added to PC and PS4 but not Xbox One.

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