Reverb Publishing has announced that Sanctum 2, a hybrid tower defense and FPS, will be available this spring on the Xbox Live Marketplace. This announcement comes nearly a year after the game was said to be in development. The original Sanctum title, developed by Coffee Stain Studios, was popular on the PC and Mac platforms. Sanctum 2 will have players take on the role of four different soldiers. Each of these soldiers has unique weapons and abilities to use to fight off hordes of alien enemies using defense towers and FPS mode. The co-op multiplayer mode will allow up to four players to work as a team to protect the Cores.

Reverb Publishing will make Sanctum 2 available to play at PAX East along with its other spring title, Beatbuddy, and XBLA Fans will be taking both games for a spin during the show. Stay tuned to the site afterwards for our hands-on reports of the two games.