Remothered is out now on Xbox One. The game is an old-school survival horror title. This guide will help you get all the collectibles quickly and in a single playthrough.

About collectibles: There are a total of 19 things to examine in the game that counts towards the achievement “Collector”. There are a few missable, and the achievement only awards you if you have obtained them all in one playthrough. If you die, you must collect everything again from the last save. This can be infuriating if you missed one and had not realized it, as it will require another go at the game and you will have to collect everything again. Two, in particular, are easy to miss because of the high chances of death. Pay attention while in the basement water section as well as the wine cellar.

Missing – Celeste (1): As soon as you can control your character, you will notice the missing person pictures hanging on the pole. Can be missed! Once inside of the mansion, you can’t go back out.

Movie Poster (2): After grabbing the previous collectible, go straight and find the movie poster to the left. Can be missed! Once inside of the mansion, you can’t go back out.

Article – Contaminated Fields (3): Once inside the mansion you will be led to an office. Grab the collectible from the drawer.

Happily Together (4): You will leave the mansion and come back to it. Once inside, turn around to face the door. Look to the left and open the drawers to find the picture. Can be missed! A gate will later shut, and you can’t get to it.

Coronation of the Virgin (5): Go back to Felton’s Office and look at the wall with the painting of the girl. Examine it.

Gloria’s Note (6): In the same Felton office, to the side is a bunch of books on shelves. You should notice a film projector. You can’t turn it on yet, but there is a note on it. You must press the left trigger to read it instead of A to examine.

Mr. and Mrs. Felton’s Marriage (7): You’ll experience a scene after following the music into Mrs. Felton’s room. This is the room with a bathroom. Look on the wall to find the picture.

Article – Wyman’s Suicide (8): Once in the dining room, you can find a note on the corner of the long table.

Felton Family Portrait (9): At the back of the dining room (where chandelier falls), there is a family portrait to examine.

Summer in Rome (10): In the kitchen, you will find a photo on the refrigerator.

Red Nuns – Plantation (11): Back in the room (now known as Jennifer’s room), find a note where the corpse was. You can pick this up while getting the umbrella in the same room.

Unpacking Bags (12): This is an automatic collectible gained from the attic. This cannot be missed.

Celeste/Jennifer (13): After using the battery in the basement to get the oilcan, you will go to a fireplace and enter inside of it. Behind is a new hallway that has a save point. In one of the drawers along the way, you will find the collectible.

1973 (14): After the mirror room and finding yourself in some water, turn around and head back to the dead end to find the collectible on the wall. Make sure you get this as it is missable! You cannot go back into the sewer like area later. You also high a high chance of dying, so make sure you get it every time you die.

The Best Roses (15): After completing area filled with water, you will get this automatically.

Signboard “Rossogallo” Farm (16): There are a few of these while in the wine cellar. Just make sure you examine one before leaving, as you won’t be able to come back here. There is one you can get right before you exit, where the steam was coming out of a pipe. This can be missed!

Note – Mannequin (17): This one is very obvious and is on the mannequin with the red nun outfit in the infirmary.

Medical Records – Gloria Ashmann (18): On the desk of the infirmary, you must collect it as part of the story.

Red Nun (19): You can grab this before the infirmary, but I suggest getting it afterward and before going up the elevator to the attic. There will be no enemies to worry about during this part of the game, so you can grab anything else you may have missed (besides the ones you can’t go back to). This is back in Felton’s office, and you’ve seen it before but couldn’t get it until now.