Bored of Trials Evolution yet? Didn’t think so, but RedLynx have recently uploaded 4 new Supercross tracks for fans to play with. The new tracks are available to play locally or in private matches online and should appear in Track Central under the RedLynx Picks tag very shortly. However if you can’t wait till then you can also search for the Gamertag ‘redlynxlive’ to find them. The new tracks are:

  • Heavy Industry
  • Dust ’till Dawn
  • Oski’s Repair Shop
  • Woodchuck

Fans of the game should already be familiar with these tracks for they are actually a selection of single player tracks made into 4-lane Supercross. Trials Evolution released on Xbox Live Marketplace April 18 for 1200 MSP. As XBLA Fans Managing Editor Steve Melton says “If there is one game you purchase at full price this year, let it be Trials Evolution“. Check out the full review here.