If you never experienced the challenge of Battletoads or the magic of Banjo-Kazooie now is your chance. Rare Replay is available for pre-order via the Xbox dashboard or Xbox.com. Featuring 30 years of Rare-licensed games, Xbox will be the only place you can partake in Rare’s biggest collection of hits.

Rare Replay will come with 30 titles spanning many genres from its library. In addition, all save dates and Achievements from titles purchased on XBLA will transfer over into the collection.

There will also be new, modern game mechanics added to the classics according to the official press release. “Eager players can look forward to Rare Replay’s all-new snapshot challenges, exclusive bonus features, and 10,000 gamerscore.”

You will be able to revisit your favorite worlds August 4 when Rare Replay releases for $29.99 US (€29.99/£19.99/$49.95 AU) exclusively for Xbox One.