With Windows 10 to Xbox One streaming on the horizon, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that features users are accustomed to with Windows could potentially show up on the Xbox One.¬†Phil Spencer dropped some pretty big hints towards support for keyboard and mouse on the platform earlier today via Twitter.

While USB keyboard support is already available on the Xbox One (albeit limited exclusively to typing when you’d normally use an on-screen keyboard), USB mice are not. The inclusion of both would potentially allow for home screen navigation with a mouse, a web browser with more ease of use or even streaming a Windows 10 PC to an Xbox One console.

While it’s pretty unlikely that we’d see keyboard and mouse support within the Xbox One’s games (particularly due to issues of balance that it could potentially cause in some genres), the ability to use these peripherals as a means to better navigate the new OS coming to the console this Fall certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Source @XboxP3