Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds, the XBLA 2D side-scroller outed the other day by Famitsu, will release exclusively on XBLA in 2013, the above debut trailer reveals. This first trailer is obviously meant for Japan, with an HD version said to be coming at some point during E3 next week. It’s unknown whether or not the high-def cut will be redone for the English-speaking world or not.

Either way, eager gamers can peruse the gallery down below there full of in-game screens and character art emphasizing the new 8-bit-inspired art style. The visuals are a stark departure from the original title’s looks. Conversely, the game’s controls are said to be almost an exact match of those found in the fighting game that preceded it, allowing vets to easily jump right into the fray. Speaking of jumping in, the only characters playable from the start of the adventure will be Mikoto, Waka, Itsuki and Yuzuha. The remainder of the cast will presumably be unlocked as players progress through levels.

Pricing has not yet been decided upon for the spin-off of the 2009 fighting game known simply as Phantom Breaker. A few solid gameplay details have now shaken lose thanks to Famitsu, though. In addition the main game featuring 4-player co-op, there will also be a “Battle Royale” mode that pits players against each other in different scenarios, such as one player taking on three others by his lonesome.

It will be possible to earn skill points (SP) that can be cashed in for upgrades, as tends to be the norm in side-scrolling beat-’em-ups these days. Health and new moves will be unlockable once enough SP is built up. Developer 5pb says the gameplay feels like Guardian Heroes or Panzer Bandit.

(Thanks, @lifelower)

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