Penny Arcade

In what’s proving to be an increasingly convoluted tale, Penny Arcade: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode Three will not release on XBLIG on Monday as planned (a release date which itself was earlier than the originally announced July 10). The PC version will release as planned.

According to a post over at Penny Arcade, the game failed Community Peer Review because the game crashes if one’s playing on an old Xbox and decides to yank the memory unit out while the game is saving. Developer Zeboyd Games must wait a full seven days before re-submitting the game for certification. This bump in the road means there’s no longer a set release date for Episode Three, but the post notes Zeboyd resubmits Tuesday and updates will be posted over at Penny Arcade.

When the game does release, it will be just under four years since Episode Two released in October 2008. The series was picked up by Zeboyd after it was dropped by original developer Hothead Games, who decided to instead focus its efforts on DeathSpank.