After Hothead Games went on to work on DeathSpank, the future was uncertain as to whether we would get Episode 3 of Penny Arcade Adventures. The first two weren’t the best-selling titles on XBLA but they did garner a great cult audience. Now Zeboyd, creators of Cthulha Saves The World and Breath of Death VII on XBLIG, have come to save the property with On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 for XBLIG, iOS, PC, Mac, and Android.

In an interview with Joystiq, Robert Boyd of Zeboyd talked about how the project came about from a user’s Penny Arcade forum post, stating they should use an indie developer and recommending them. He contacted Penny Arcade to see if they were interested, unsure if he heard a response but Robert Khoo responded and things got started.

If you’ve ever played any of Zeboyd’s games, the style is a bit of a change from what Hothead does. It’s more pixelated and 8-bit in the style of old Final Fantasy. The gameplay will be very similar but still retain that old Penny Arcade humor. If you’re at PAX East this year, it’ll be showing on the Expo Floor and check out the interview below and some screenshots after the jump.

Source: Joystiq