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XBLA Fans Monthly Roundup (February 2012)

By  •  March 11, 2012

We totally missed January, but the Monthly Recap is back for February! Yaaay. There’s an immense amount of news this month because for some reason February is XBLA month. There’s roughly a million game announcements and DLC as well. I suggest hitting CTRL + F and searching for the copious news about your favorite game. Or games. Or just read all the news, because that’s a good idea.

Beyond the “things that happened”, there’s also several Friday Top Fives and Most Wanted’s this month as we continue to beef up our feature repertoire. Our chief feature, A Year In Review (2011) is definitely worth checking out for some insight into the fluctuations in XBLA cost versus review scores. Lastly, amongst the five podcasts is our Music Special which showcases some of the best XBLA soundtrack tunes since its inception.

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Weekly Roundup: March 3

By  •  March 3, 2012

Weekly Roundup compiles all the biggest news stories, reviews, and releases from the week into one handy post on the weekends.

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XBLA’s Most Wanted: What’s yours?

By  •  December 17, 2011

We still have a two more XBLA’s Most Wanted features waiting in the wings for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, but we thought we’d take a minute and ask you, the everyday gamer, what your number one XBLA game wish is. Remember to be realistic–we aren’t going to see any Super Mario games on XBLA–but have fun with it. Who knows, you just might have your favorite game featured in a future Most Wanted column, and if you do you’ll have all of your wildest dreams come true.

If you need a refresher, hit the jump to take a look at all of the games we’ve featured this year. If a game seems interesting to you, be sure to comment on it. We can’t guarantee it’ll come to XBLA, but we do know that developers and publishers frequent forums and journalistic sites looking for what the fans want.

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XBLAFans Monthly Roundup (November 2011)

By  •  December 5, 2011

Hey guys, we’re bringing you a new feature that’s simple and helpful in nature, the XBLAFans Monthly Roundup! This as well as other features will be seen a lot more should all things go accordingly, and we’ll even have some new ones on the way, so stay tuned because there’s a lot of awesome in the works here at XBLAFans.

If it wasn’t obvious by the title, this post will be your one-stop-shop to anything that happened this month with links to all our posts and excerpts where applicable. That means news, reviews, guides, features, interviews, podcasts, and even a recount of releases and sales data. Hit the jump for so many links you’ll never not know something about XBLA current events again! Read More

XBLA’s Most Wanted: Sonic Adventure 2

By  •  July 9, 2011

In the glory days of the Dreamcast Sega produced a lot of high quality titles. Unfortunately the ease of piracy on the DC along with several other reasons killed Sega’s hardware department. Luckily they realize that Dreamcast games themselves are still very much in demand today. They’ve brought Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure to Xbox Live Arcade.  Those were bundled with Space Channel 5: Part 2 and Sega Bass Fishing on disc earlier this year, and the former two titles are slated for later XBLA release. Even still we have a long list of titles that are must have on XBLA. Among those are Jet Grind Radio, Shenmue, ChuChu Rocket! and Sonic Adventure 2.

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