Earlier this year at Gamescom Microsoft and Moon Studios announced that Ori and the Blind Forest would be receiving a definitive edition set to launch sometime in 2015. However, Ori and the Blind Forest Definitve Edition has been delayed until Spring 2016 according to the game’s official Twitter profile with no official reason being given.

All of the new features that were talked about when the Definitive Edition was announced are still planned to be included. Among the new features are: more content, fixes to design problems that reviewers and fans had noticed, and the difficulty will be toned down for those looking for a more welcoming experience.

Anyone that has a copy of the original Ori and the Blind Forest will receive a heavy discount to upgrade to the Definitive Edition when it releases next Spring. The developer also confirmed that anyone buying Ori now during the Countdown sale would be able to upgrade to the Definitive Edition for a cheaper price than buying the Definitive Edition in-full when it releases. Ori is currently on sale for $10 until December 28 and can be purchased here. Anyone still on the fence about the game can read our review or our Game of the Year awards where Ori was our Game of the Year.

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