If there were a contest for the most amount of patches released in under a month of the game’s release, No Man’s Sky is sure to have been a contender. Basing only on the number of large patches the game has received, No Man’s Sky sits currently at three with its one-month anniversary on Xbox One just around the corner. The update released today brings with it plenty of bug fixes. There are also a few changes to a few elements in the game. The patch comes in at a size of 5.85 GB. As always, we’ll be taking a look at some of the more vital changes, but a link to the patch notes can be found below.

First off today, players will notice a change in how hydroponic trays keep fuel, as the amount of time fuel is kept in a tray has been increased.

An issue has been fixed with the pulse engine between waves of sentinel fighters that stopped players from escaping.

Base NPC workers will no longer become unresponsive if the base is moved or deleted.

There were decent improvements to the amount of time needed to load areas. Load times for warps have been decreased by 5-10% and initial game load time has been decreased by 30%.

An issue which has to do with freighter bases not allowing building has been corrected.

Target lock-on for ship-based PVP has been improved.

The appearance of HUD markers on a players ship is now improved and more recognizable.

Biological horrors (the creatures that appear when destroying a whispering egg) now deal more damage, and combat music will occur when fighting them.

The appearance of clouds has been improved in 4k/1440p modes.

Players will now see visual improvements to some exotic biomes, as well as to space station technology merchants.

Underground toxic hazards are now more visible.

Buried Technology modules have visual improvements.

As always, there are fixes to help prevent crashes in the game due to memory leaks and even an interesting bug fix on the Xbox One X specifically, to prevent crashes due to scenes with a high node count. The changes to hydroponic trays should help make farming a bit easier, while the changes to the damage caused by biological horrors are sure to dampen the farming of eggs even further. You can find a full list of patch notes here, as well as our review of the game here.