• Mojang published official sales numbers for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition as part of Gamasutra’s monthy Xbox Live Arcade sales analysis, which derives numbers from the game’s leaderboards. It currently sits at 4.47 million copies sold in just a bit over a reported time of seven months. For those who like breakdowns that’s roughly 640,000 sales per month, although in reality sales were much higher earlier on and have dropped somewhat of late.
  • PlayXBLA announced the details for Minecraft‘s seventh title update. On the table are the majority of updates from the Java 1.0.1 version, minus The End. Breeding, brewing and baby animals are just a few things included in the update. 4J Studios stated via their Twitter account that The End still needs work, and that it will be part of title update 8. For a full list, hit the jump.
  • Daniel Kaplan of Mojang tweeted that over 1 billion worlds have been started in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

Sources: Gamasutra, PlayXBLA

Direct from PlayXBLA’s page:

The key additions are:

  • Animal Breeding
  • Potion Brewing
  • Experience Points
  • Enchantment Table
  • Mushroom Biome
  • Nether Fortress
  • New Tutorial World
  • Villagers
  • Mooshrooms
  • Blaze
  • Snow Golems
  • Magma Cubes
  • Baby Animals

4J Studios confirmed via Twitter account that the update the newer brewing system (max 30).