Trendy Entertainment has announced a new batch of downloadable content for their smash hit Dungeon Defenders that will be coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace on December 21st. For the first time, our tower defending heroes will be leaving the comfort of their own sanctum, and heading out into the lands of Etheria. Titled The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards, this downloadable content is only part one of a larger arc. That means The Quest for the Lost Eternal Shards Part Two is likely already in development! It has quickly become clear that Trendy intends to strongly support Dungeon Defenders with plenty of post-launch content.

You can get a look at the reveal trailer for the Quest of the Lost Eternal Shards DLC by watching the video above. Don’t forget that part one of this quest begins next Wednesday, December 21st. While not exactly official, we expect that the add-on will cost 320 Microsoft Points. If you still haven’t jumped in on the Dungeon Defenders action, check out our review of the game, here. Stay tuned for more coverage of Dungeon Defenders and all of its downloadable content ahead of us right here on XBLAFans.