Capybara announced via a forum post on NeoGAF that new details about the highly anticipated arcade title Below were coming soon. The forum post also states that no new info was coming during GDC, held this past week, but that some info could be found in Game Informer’s interview with Capybara, although the information from that interview was from September, so a lot may have changed since then.

Highlights from the interview include:

  • The game will contain drop-in, drop-out multiplayer, similar to that found in the Dark Souls series.
  • The game doesn’t feature one main character, instead, when you die, you will be reborn as a different character each time. The developer states that this is because the story is focused on “a lot of little characters over time working together to solve the mysteries of the world.”
  • The game is made to be tough, but not punishing. The developer mentioned that they tried to ensure the combat was fair, but the game will definitely be a challenge.

Source: Official Xbox Magazine