Never Alone platforming

E-Line Media and Upper One Games’ Never Alone will not be releasing tomorrow on Xbox One as originally planned. Instead, the developers have announced that the puzzle-platformer will arrive on November 18.

The delay announcement was actually made all the way back on October 1 via the game’s official blog. No press release was sent out, however, and few major publications covered the two-week setback.

Upper One Games cited the usual reason that game releases get postponed: “to make the absolute best game” that it’s able to make. The studio wrote in its blog post that it would not be happy with Never Alone being something that is merely “good” or even “really good,” and that it would settle for nothing less than greatness.

“We want it to be a reflection of all the heart and passion that has been poured into the project by both the development team and the broader Alaska Native community. And making things great sometimes takes a little more time than expected.”

Source: Upper One Games