In Moving Out, there are several things to collect and obtain. This guide will walk you through everything so that you can obtain a full completion. If you’re having a difficult time, you can tone down the difficulty to assisted mode to earn the gold medals, which I didn’t know was possible until just a few levels left. I would have personally just started with this mode in order to complete it much faster, but I was afraid it would block achievements or not count for the gold. Indeed it all works and you can do it the easy way or the fairly difficult way. I’m sure it’s also much easier with multiple people because of being able to throw bigger items out of windows, but it’s still very manageable without any help, even without assisted mode.

  • 90 Objectives
  • 30 Gold Medals
  • 30 Hidden Consoles
  • 10 Mailboxes
  • 13 Toilets
  • Several Pets (Turtle, Chicken, Pig, Sheep, Frog)

Note: Remember you can always use Control F to search this guide for keywords such as the level or for example “Mailbox 8”. If on a mobile device using Chrome, click the dots in the corner and go to “Find in page”.

Misc Achievements: There are a few achievements you won’t get along the way of playing through the story and following the below guide.

The Friendly Ghosts – There are three levels with ghosts (Atari Office, Dread Manor, Roundabout Mansion). Complete each without slapping a ghost

Nick of Time – Just hold an item at the end of a level and deliver it with a couple of seconds left on the clock

Smash 100 Windows – Should come naturally, just find a level and break the windows if you don’t have it by the end

You Don’t Got Mail – Above Obadiah’s Orchard is a path, drive the truck into the mailbox

Go Long – Throw 500 items, could come naturally but if not just keep throwing the same item over and over to grind it out

Minute Mover – This will not really be possible on normal levels, you’ll get it during memory stages. The 2nd stage is a soccer field and you just need to deliver two items. Should take you less than 10 seconds

Quantity Over Quality – Deliver 1337 items. It could be natural but if you finished the game without the achievement, replay Deserted Depot which has 52 items on it and takes under 3 minutes

Look left, then right… – Get hit by 125 cars. Can play Packmore River and just keep letting yourself get hit

Remember the Time/Winners don’t move rugs – There are a VHS store and arcade located by the mandatory training building. These are bonus stages unlocked by completing objectives and obtaining gold medals. There are a total of 24 to complete.

Mandatory Training

*No Objectives

Mailbox 1: A few rooms in, you’ll see a ghost and the mailbox

Holly’s Home (2:25 Gold)

  • Break the windows – Only use the doors, do not jump through a window.
  • Don’t break any windows – Break all 5 panels of glass
  • Bring the flamingos – Take the two flamingos by the front door and load them into the truck.

Mailbox 2: In the center by the flamingos
Toilet 1: In the green bathroom
Hidden Console: To the left of the front of the truck in bushes

Pepperoni Palace (4:05 Gold)

  • Gooooaaaalllll! – Find the soccer ball in the backyard, place the ball inside of the goal
  • Deliver the turtle – Round up that annoying turtle and make sure he’s on the truck before delivering your last item
  • Don’t break the vase – A turquoise vase is on a table by the bathroom, just don’t break it

Mailbox 3: By the front door
Toilet 2: Blue bathroom, must move the box first
Hidden Console: Move the picnic table in the backyard
Pet (Turtle): Turtle with red “eye mask”, move him to the truck

The Hoop House (4:00 Gold)

  • Shoot some hoops – Shoot any basketball into the hoop
  • Pets stay outside! – Bring the piano outside and block the chicken from escaping. It will run inside if you don’t
  • Don’t break any windows – Just use doors, don’t jump through windows

Mailbox 4: Front of house again
Toilet 3: In the white bathroom, move the box
Hidden Console: Backyard on the hammock
Pet (Chicken): Chicken runs out after you move the box in the backyard

Poolside Pad (2:45 Gold)

  • Don’t hold a box for more than 3 seconds – Always throw or drop boxes very quickly. You can’t hold any of them for longer than 3 seconds at a time. This includes the champagne (fragile) boxes. You must pick them up and jump over the pool, but you will fall in the water with the red box placed on the edge. It’s very annoying but you’ll get it eventually.
  • Keep everything dry – Just don’t let any item go into the pool.
  • Jump over the pool – This can be tricky. You have to time the jump perfectly. I managed to do it on the side of the pool with all the boxes. If you want you can try moving the bed to give yourself a little height, but I’ve made it without using it.

Toilet 4: In the blue bathroom
Hidden Console: In the kitchen, jump on the counter to the left of the refrigerator. It’s against the wall (Opposite bookcase)

Jerry’s Apartment (2:30 Gold)

  • Don’t break any glass – Again, don’t jump through a window
  • Don’t break any objects – Easy to do, the only one you must be careful with is the red champagne box which is fragile
  • Give a bird a bath – Grab the flamingo in front of the building and throw it into the green bathtub in the bathroom

Mailbox 5: Yet again, in front of the house
Toilet 5: Pink toilet in the bathroom with green bathtub
Hidden Console: The bathroom is a popular place here. It’s next to the bathtub against the wall

Casa de Cliff (3:30 Gold)

  • Who let the goose out? – Slap the mailbox and the goose will come out of the red door
  • No stairs for you! – Jump up the ledges next to the stairs and eventually, you can also use the carport
  • Break the windows – There are 11 panels you must break, all on the second story

Mailbox 6: By the red door next to the gnome
Toilet 6: Blue bathroom in the corner of second story
Hidden Console: There’s a game room with a red car. Once the car drops down you’ll see it in the corner
Pet (Goose): After you slap the mailbox, the goose will appear

Summer Chalet (3:20 Gold)

  • No stair run – Only use the snow hills.
  • Go snowboarding – Slide down the snow with the snowboard item
  • Avoid the snow – Only use the stairs and don’t slide in the snow. You can still throw items down it

Mailbox 7: To the right of the staircase
Toilet 7: In the blue bathroom with purple shower and sink
Hidden Console: In the corner bedroom between the snow slides. It’s behind the basketball hoop

21 Slick Street (3:40 Gold)

  • Don’t get hit by a car – There are 2 cars that pass by, just know the pattern and avoid them
  • Mess up the trophies – On the second floor you’ll find a line of trophies. Slap them off the shelves
  • Don’t get oily – It’s easy to stay clear of the oil, the only issue is the sheep that can get stuck in it. If you want you can take it inside the house and get it stuck somewhere until the end

Mailbox 8: In the oil that’s in front of the house
Toilet 8: In the orangish bathroom
Hidden Console: To the left of the red car in the garage
Pet (Sheep): This is part of the inventory you must throw into the truck

Snottsberry Farm (4:10 Gold)

  • Disturb the nests – There are 8 nests. Run over or slap them all.
  • Avoid the rakes – Don’t step on the rakes, just always be aware since chasing chickens can be dangerous
  • Make some pen pals – There is a big pen with a gate in the corner. It has pigs. Throw all animals inside of this pen

Hidden Console: In the back, there is a staircase. Go up and move the three haystacks to find it
Pet (Pig, Sheep, Chicken): All a part of the mission, not missable

Packmore River (2:00 Gold)

  • Ride a croc – Just like frogger, there are crocs you can ride. Just stand on one
  • Get hit by a caffeinated driver – Wait for a car that has a coffee cup on top of it. Stand in front and get run over
  • Bring the frog to the other side – A frog will follow you. Have it follow you safely to the end

Hidden Console: In front of the river on the left, by the bridge
Pet (Frog): Just lead the frog into the truck, you might have to give him a little push

The AAAAAH-tari Office (4:30 Gold)

  • Don’t break any windows – Thankfully there is a window already broken. Move the silver filing cabinet to make this much easier
  • Put the printer in the lift – You’ll probably do this anyway, but the printer just needs to go in the elevator
  • Deliver the trolley – On the second floor, there is a trolley. Put it in the delivery area, but you can take it out after. It is a tight fit and you don’t need it causing space issues

Hidden Console: Upstairs you’ll see a trolley. Move it or jump over it and find the console at the end of the hallway

Dread Manor (4:50 Gold)

  • Bust-a-ghost – Go ahead and slap any ghost, as many times as you want
  • Deliver me his head! – There’s a big statue in the staircase area, Grab the helmet and put it in the truck
  • Mess up the artwork – Upstairs there are paintings, slap them off the walls

Hidden Console: Upstairs a piano will chase you. In the corner to the left of the window (be quick) you can grab it

Roundabout Mansion (4:25 Gold)

  • Hop across the pond – To the left is a rock in a pond. Jump on it
  • Don’t mess up any artwork – This can be tricky. There are paintings as well as sculptures. If it looks artistic, be careful around it!
  • No ghost hugs – Avoid the ghosts. If you respawn it means they hugged you

Toilet 9: Upstairs on the right, a grey tiled floor with pink bathroom accessories
Hidden Console: In the room with sculptures, in a corner

Obadiah’s Orchard (3:50 Gold)

  • Avoid all the rakes – Lots of rakes, just try not to step on them
  • Don’t break the fragile item – There’s a box that is fragile and all you have to do is deliver it without breaking it
  • Ride the turtles – There are a few turtles that pop up across the river. Jump and stand on all of them

Toilet 10: There is an outhouse on the right where a chicken runs out of. Go inside and try to jump around it’s hard to see but if you go to the bridge you can get a better look
Hidden Console: Next to the truck is a stack of hay. Slap it around and you’ll find the console underneath
Pet (Chicken): Part of what you need to pack in the truck

Lenny’s Mansion (4:30 Gold)

  • Clear the pier – To the right is a pier. Move the chair away and kick the bucket into the water
  • Don’t step on any buttons – You can move items onto the buttons, just don’t put your feet on them
  • Smash the trophy case – There is a golden record on the second floor, smash all the glass around it

Toilet 11: Right when you enter the mansion you will see the bathroom
Hidden Console: Near the pier in the forest area, in a corner by a tree

Neighborhood Watch HQ (4:00 Gold)

  • Help a chicken fly – In the fan room, throw a chicken onto a fan that has an upward gust
  • Keep the chickens off the grass – This takes a little setup to make work. Use the bed and curved sofa to make a little pen in the truck. Grab the table and have it block the hole in the building’s wall (a chicken can fit through). Now when you get to the fan area, grab the first chicken and rush it to the truck, turn around and the other chicken will likely be scrambling for the door. Grab it and throw it in the truck
  • Discover the weird secret – In the building with fans, smack the bulletin board to reveal an image of a rat

Mailbox 9: In front of the truck
Hidden Console: In the fan area there is a giant stuffed giraffe. Look behind it

Deserted Depot (2:50 Gold)

  • Use only the middle delivery lane – There are three lanes, just use the middle one. Can be somewhat annoying to knock the boxes down near the other lanes, but isn’t too difficult
  • Deliver all boxes first – The boxes are the little ones. The other clunky box things don’t count
  • Deliver all couches first – Pretty self-explanatory. Just knock the boxes down that are in front of the belts to clear the way

Hidden Console: Middle area back room, there is a yellow couch. Behind it is the console (easy to spot)

Sealed Storehouse (2:30 Gold)

  • Deliver all small crates first – Just makes sure all small boxes are put in the truck before the other items
  • Get a workout – Run against a conveyor belt that makes you run in place for a while
  • Don’t take items through the door – Only use the conveyor belts to get items to the truck area

Hidden Console: Far back left, room with the water cooler (in a corner)

Locked Lever Lab (3:30 Gold)

  • Smash the windows – You know the drill by now, just break them all
  • Take the couch outside – There are a few couches, but the one you need is the one you’re supposed to deliver (curved one). Bring it to the outside balcony
  • Use the levers only two times – You have to hit the first lever, but then you can manage to move everything by jumping through windows

Hidden Console: There’s a table in the corner room you must deliver. You’ll find it in the corner nearby

Flamethrower Factory (4:35 Gold)

  • Don’t destroy any crates – Make sure you’re good with timing and if you need, keep the belt on slower speeds. Expect a bronze on this one
  • Don’t stand on the conveyor – Whenever you need to cross the conveyor, just jump over it each time You can grab the boxes from the opposite side you start if you’re careful. I am not sure if that middle belt counts as I got it without trying but I could have been lucky
  • Crush the couch – Place the couch on the middle conveyor belt and watch it get crushed

Hidden Console: From the switch, go to the bottom right corner

The Chase (2:45 Gold)

  • Don’t fall from the train – As it says, don’t fall to your death
  • Complete the gaming area – There’s a white console in the first train car. Throw it into your truck. At the end, bring it over to the TV in the last train car. I also had the hidden console but it wasn’t nearby, so if it doesn’t work for you try bringing that too
  • Send a message gnome – This one took me forever to figure out. You’ll get to a car with two switches and a gnome. Break the glass in the room with pizza boxes. You have to throw him at the communications tower. If you miss he will respawn. You have to wait until it appears. Keep trying until you hit it.

Hidden Console: Within the first few train cars, you should see a car that has a console on it. Grab it and jump back after tossing it inside the truck

The Floor is Guava (3:30 Gold)

  • Don’t let items touch the guava – It might take practice but it’s not that difficult. If an item respawns then you fail
  • Ride the barrel – There’s a spinning platform on the left side. Stay on it for about 20 seconds staying out of the lava. I put myself in the middle
  • Don’t touch the blue platforms – Easier than you may think once you learn the pattern. You can’t step on the blue

Hidden Console: After passing over the colored symbols, go into the corner where the items are to find the console

Guava Run (3:50 Gold)

  • Don’t touch the guava – If you touch the red lava stuff you’ll fail. Keep out of it!
  • Get pushed and survive – Painfully easy. Go to the mechanism that pushes. Put your body against it and when you can, move up a step. You’ll get nudged and obtain the challenge
  • Ahh Push it… – This took me almost 2 hours to figure out. It’s the worst challenge because of how random it is. Go grab the hidden console and when the mechanical arm pushes out, jump on the tip of it.

Hidden Console: Behind the truck out of view

Satellite Base Alpha (4:40 Gold)

  • Who delivers the deliverer? – Put a tube item on the wall and let it rotate to hit the green button while you’re on the hatch
  • Don’t break any objects – With patience and time you’ll be able to complete the level without breaking an item, it only took a few for me
  • Deliver each item separately – Whenever you open the hatch just make sure there is only one item falling in.

Hidden Console: In the yellow section against one of the last half-wall

Revolution Station (3:45 Gold)

  • Crush a thing – Allow one of your objects to be crushed by a wall
  • Deliver everything via the left door – There’s an actual left door down a hallway that you must use to deliver all items. You can’t even step through the other three doors yourself, you can only use the left
  • Give a bird a bath – Try to learn the patterns and don’t let a wall nudge you. It can be easy to fail this

Hidden Console: At the bottom left area, there are two pink walls. In the corner, you’ll find the console

Guavatron (3:50 Gold)

  • Don’t use the levers – Just deliver everything without touching a lever. You can still bring items without too much worry
  • Deliver the boxes, avoid the guavatron – Throw a couple of boxes over the cliff towards the truck. You’ll probably fall to your doom but that’s fine
  • Take the sheep home – I’d deliver the sheep when you have the last box to throw in the truck

Toilet 12: On the cliff behind the desk. It’s green
Hidden Console: Back of the cliff where there is a tv set up
Pet (Sheep): This is also one of your bonus objectives, easy to spot

Contraband Cluster (2:55 Gold)

  • Don’t use middle fan – You can easily get all the items over without using the giant fan in the middle. Just takes a bit longer
  • Don’t use levers – You’ll need to use the other fans to complete the level, do not turn on the ones to the right on
  • Float for 10 seconds – The fan by the truck never spots, so float and take a breather

Hidden Console: Behind a brick wall on the island to the left side of the screen

Pack Rat Planet (4:35 Gold)

  • Hit a basketball shot – Just like you did early on in the game, make a basket. This time it’s harder
  • Sit on the throne – There’s a toilet in the upper-middle cliff area where the soccer ball is. It’s under the hidden console
  • Take printer for a spin – Turn off the fire in the middle via taking items off the buttons. Then grab the printer and ride with it

Mailbox 10: Possibly the best-hidden mailbox, go to the bottom-most right island that has a button and a speaker. You’ll see it
Toilet 13: The middle cliff area where the soccer ball is. It’s hanging there
Hidden Console: On the toilet, you can’t miss it going for the challenges

The Final Move? (5:45 Gold)

  • Get squished by the outhouse – After the 5th item delivered, the rat will drop a bunch of giant objects. Stay in the bottom right corner to be hit by the outhouse
  • Throw something at the rat king – The only thing you can throw at him is the hidden console. It appears during the second wave of him throwing junk at you (after item 6)
  • Survive 30 seconds with the flaming fists – During two phases you must avoid flamethrowers. Just survive without dying for 30 seconds while in the grass

Hidden Console: During the 2nd phase of him throwing junk, the hidden console appear