Today is a great day… The first taste of Xbox Live’s Third Annual Summer of Arcade is in close range. If you’re just waking up, Limbo is waiting for you. If you’re waiting for Monday Night Combat, patience sucks. Thankfully, Uber Entertainment has released a new video to keep our strain at bay. It’s the snipes turn to showcase his finesse.

Both video and sniping pointers are from Uber Entertainment’s Youtube channel, UberEntChannel:

“The Monday Night Combat Sniper isn’t your run-of-the-mill sniper. You won’t go lying in a puddle getting your ghillie suit wet and muddy. You’ll be ducking behind unbreakable glass barriers, avoiding assassins and looking for crowd approval. You need to stay alive and be effective because you’re the sniper and what will the rest of the team do without you?

Remember these few points for being an elite Sniper:

1. Head shots rule. Double head shots are even better.

2. When in doubt, SMG them to death. When in doubt about the SMG, grapple their $#@!

3. Flak is good against turrets and robots. Guns are good against players. Taunts are good against everyone.

4. Traps can protect your sniping spot. Pay attention for the cold chill in the air and the amazing urge to frag someone who can’t move.

5. Grapple kills are crowd pleasing, throwing an SMG at your enemy as the kill shot is just embarrassing.

Boom. Head shot.”