Another day another piece of bacon!!!    At least it’s not about bug fixes today!

You can see the wallpaper contest winner and read from the official site here

My question is, what is another tasty pickup hey can put into the game, other than bacon?   I love bacon!  HI OH BACON!!!  I will say, if they put in eggs I will be most unhappy because that could be Cliche!

All Star Mode
  • Added a feature that allows players to go beyond level 99 by going back to level 0 and getting a new “All Star” icon next to their name.


  • Added in 12 new highlights with associated ProTags.

Career Milestones

  • Added career milestones and ProTags for bacon pickups.
  • Added career milestones and ProTags for killing each type of class.


  • Added [TASTY PICKUP], a prize that drops and gives [SOMETHING AWESOME].
  • Added career milestones and ProTags for [TASTY PICKUP].

Club Tags

  • Added a 4 character ‘Club Tag’ that players can append to their name.

Other Additions

  • Added “South Paw” and “South Paw Tactical” control schemes.
  • Added multiplayer ready functionality so a game can start before the timer runs out if most players press X in the lobby and set themselves as ready.
  • Added several new loading movies.
  • Added a mascot head icon on the locker room menu denoting when you have a new ProTag from a highlight or career milestone.
  • Added many new Mickey Cantor announcements.
  • Added new effect for picking up bacon and [TASTY PICKUP].

More to come this week…

More DLC information, new maps and new features
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