In the final day of the Halloween reveal, Uber Entertainment saves all the best for last.   The November DLC, that is free has been named.   Spunky Cola Special looks absolutely hot, and I can’t wait! Also, they released a link to the image for American Bacon,  be warned it’s a bit scary.

Anyway, the list of Updates is heaven and I put a gallery of screen shots from the article at the bottom for your viewing pleasure!   HI OH BACON!   Also, if you want to go direct to the source, click here.


Added a new Crossfire Arena:

  • Spunky Cola Arena: A single lane arena that puts players into the action faster and guaranteeing more explosions, more shooting and more awesome!
  • Added a new Blitz Arena:
    • Survivitol Arena: Bought from Grandma Betty’s, the Survivitol Arena is the next level of Blitz action. Small and deadly with two tiers of bot spawners will keep Pros on their toes!

    Added a new Blitz Mode:

    • Only in the Survivitol Arena will you be faced with the deadly, the intense, the incredibly frantic Super Sudden Death Blitz!

    Private Games

    • Added in new options for private games:
      • Set game duration
      • Set overtime duration, including 0 time for no overtime
      • Toggle buying bots
      • Toggle buying Juice
      • Toggle Bullseye spawning
      • Toggle using Hazards (Annihilator / Ejectors)
      • Choose specific or random map
      • Hazards on / off
      • Force random classes
      • Toggle use of custom classes
      • Toggle class changing
      • Class limits on all classes
  • Added IceMen Pitgirl to updated level intros/outros