Update: The Minecraft Natural Texture Pack is available now for $1.00. Original story follows.

Minecraft is the gift that keeps on giving. Its XBLA release could have been a small-scale, low attention affair, with a barebones port and complete lack of the dynamic modding community that has coalesced around the PC edition, but thankfully for Xbox 360 players, that has not been the case. Developer 4J Studios has continued supporting the title with additional content, gameplay mechanics and texture packs, including the recently announced Natural Texture Pack. A post over at PlayXBLA has released a number of new screenshots for the game.

A lovely inky skin covers the Endermen, while the new wood grain and candle textures class up the library. Cornerstones now feature a delicate decorative carving, blocks of sand have a distinct layering effect and the rarer ores and gems really pop against the new cobblestone texture. Minecraft may be keeping its distinct geometry, but this texture pack is doing some wonderful things for the overall style. To see the texture pack in action, check out this video over at OXM.

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