Responding to a fan question on Twitter, Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition developer 4J Studios confirmed early this morning that it has gotten the ball rolling on texture pack support for the game that has become XBLA’s Mario to Xbox 360’s 800-pound Donkey Kong and Son. “We have started work on texture pack support,” reads the developer’s tweet. “No dates for any releases yet though.”

Though no texture packs have been released for Xbox 360 thus far, the Scottish studio has done an admirable job of bringing other updates to its game: bug fixes, skin packs, new items, additional MOBs and more have arrived for the Xbox Live Arcade port since it was released on the platform back in May of this year. Minecraft‘s most recent update arrived only a few days ago and gave XBLA gamers the ability to toggle the game’s HUD and on-screen indicator on and off.

Instead of waiting idly by or toiling endlessly on their latest creation in the game, Minecraft fans can pass at least a portion of the time by heading to Paris, France this weekend for Minecon 2012. After holding the first two annual cons dedicated to the franchise here in the States, Minecraft creator Mojang will hold this year’s event at France’s Disneyland Resort from November 24—25. Microsoft Game Studios will be in attendance and on the show floor with the Xbox version of the game.

Source: @4JStudios via OXM