The premiere of Minecraft: Story Mode is almost upon us, so it’s about time to learn what this game’s all about. Telltale has released a new trailer that delves into the characters and events we’ll see in the first episode. Story Mode stars Jesse, the first customizable Telltale protagonist who can be either male or female. Jesse and his/her friends are huge fans of the Order of the Stone, four legendary warriors who slayed the Ender Dragon. While attending EnderCon in hopes of meeting one of their heroes, something awful is unleashed onto the world, and it’s up to Jesse and company to save the day. The game features a robust cast filled with celebrities and familiar voice actors, including Patton Oswald as male Jesse.

The first episode of the series, Order of the Stone, will debut October 13 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. A physical version will be available October 27, containing the first episode and a season pass for the rest of the series on disc.