By now, you should be ready to begin your mineshaft. Try to keep it inside, or very near to your house so that you can quickly get in and out of it while avoiding monsters. One of the most important things in Minecraft is to not dig straight down. Best case scenario, you’ll get stuck and have to jump your way up burying everything you just dug. Worst case scenario, you’ll fall feet first into lava.

  • Until you have torches ready don’t dig too deeply. Torches prevent enemies from spawning nearby. If you can’t light your mine, you’ll be stuck in a dark room with skeletons and the like.
  • Don’t forget about tool progression. At this point you’ll be approaching iron, which means you will need stone tools. Wood can mine stone, stone can mine iron, and iron can mine anything but obsidian, which requires diamond.
  • Be on the watch for Lava as you dig deep. Falling into a pit will not only kill you, but instantly burn all your items.
  • By now, you can take some time to expand your house. Make chests, multiple furnaces, and any other luxury items you might like. A proper door and alternate exit are also helpful.
  • It would be great to start a farm. You can get seeds by chopping down the tall grass. Use a hoe to prepare the dirt and plant the seeds. They will over time grow into Wheat. You can use this to make bread that will refill your health. Farming wheat takes only a few seconds, and can save you lots of time that you would have spent hunting pigs.
  • Place torches everywhere. Put them outside your house, inside your caves and on your roofs. The more light you have, the less bad guys will be near you. Most bad guys make noise so even if you can’t see them; you know when they are nearby. Creepers however are silent killers. Having torches lighting up your world will help you spot them before they spot you.

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