When you first start in Minecraft, you’ll find yourself standing in the middle of the world. There isn’t much guidance, as the game is entirely in your hands. It’s a lot like playing with Legos, except you need to break down the pieces before you can build it up. Starting off you need to find the nearest tree to break it down. After you have some wood, you can build your first crafting table. Once you have a crafting table in place, build some tools and get to work building a home. Right now, you don’t need an ornate mansion; you really just need to focus on having something you can use to sleep at night. Make sure that you have four walls and a roof to keep the monsters away. Once you have a house, you need to place a bed. Even if you are playing on peaceful, this is key, as Beds act as a spawn point should you die. There is nothing more frustrating early game than dying and being unable to find your way back to your home. To make a bed, you need sheep, which can typically be found in grassy areas. Going to sleep will skip the night and allow you to wake back up in the day time. Stone is the next level of tool beyond wood and will be a huge help when mining deeper into the earth. You also need stone to build a furnace, which is key to breaking down ores. You can also cook porkchops from killing pigs, which will increase the healing effect of the pork. Ideally, you’ll be able to find some coal near the surface. As you begin to dig into the ground you will need torches to be able to see and to be able to keep the monsters away. The game will periodically spawn enemies anywhere there is no light so make sure to keep your early tunnels lit. Back to Guide HubOn to Middle