With the recent news of a March release sometime for Minecraft on XBLA, we just got hold of a new developer commentary of the game from IGN. If you’ve never heard of Minecraft, the indie sensation about building and crafting objects and houses while staying alert from Creepers that will kill you is coming to our XBLA platform with a bunch of new features.

There’ll be a new tutorial mode for people who’ve never played the game will be able to fit in with the crafting system with the controller in their hand. Brand new to the game is split-screen where you can have two to four people playing split-screen and eight online with the ability to mix and match online and offline players. Sounds like a crazy concept and could lead to building some of the most epic towers. It’s also based on the 1.6.6 version but is looking to have updates but aren’t talking about the logistics yet. Look for this game hopefully sometime in March.