Mighty No. 9 has been delayed again. The game has been pushed out of its previous spring window and now will release on June 21. The Mega Man-inspired title from the developer Comcept and former Mega Man dev Keiji Inafune has already been delayed three previous times, making the latest delay the fourth time that the kickstarted game will have its release window pushed back.

Mighty No. 9 was kickstarted back in September 2013 and was one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns at the time. Ever since then, though, the game has had trouble meeting its release dates. Before the most recent delay, it was pushed out of January due to bugs in the network modes and trouble with the matchmaking system.

In a message to backers and fans, Keiji Inafune offered an apology for the long development. “Firstly, I would like to say again how sincerely sorry we are for how long we have kept all of our fans waiting,” stated Inafune. “We understand that as a result of the various delays we have disappointed and let down our fans, but we are happy to finally be able to deliver the game to everyone who brought us this far.”

With the news of the most recent delay to the new June 21 release date, also came the revelation that the game has gone gold, which means that it is, for the most part, finished and ready to ship to retailers. It’s highly unlikely Mighty No. 9 will be delayed again, but it still has a lot to live up to if it’s going to please backers and fans.