If the modest 4GB hard-drive size of Microsoft’s current subsidized Xbox 360 plan was the only thing holding you back, you’re in luck; the company has announced that it will add the Xbox 360 250GB model to its existing subsidized pricing plan, while also boosting the number of retail outlets from which consumers can sign on for this offer.

Currently, a 4GB model bundled with Kinect sells at the 16 official Microsoft stores nationwide for $99, provided the consumer also signs on for a two-year Xbox Live membership at $15 per month. The new offer trades the 4GB model for the 250GB model for $149, and a similar bundle sans-Kinect is also available for $99.

The official Xbox website also invites consumers to “check back later for a full list of participating retailers.” An availability date for the new bundles has not yet been specified, although the website simply claims the deals are “coming soon.”