In a David Bowie reference-filled announcement, Ground Control developer Asteroid Base has relayed to Major Tom gamers that Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime will release on Xbox One on September 9 for $14.99. Asteroid Base will begin taking preorders on the Xbox Store starting August 27.

Lovers sees a pair of, well, lovers jointly navigating miniature neon Death Stars of sorts through space, which, as the name implies, is dangerous. The Death Stars are equipped with an array of weapons and shield generators that can be upgraded and used to fend of the Haters, a group of evil beings who are holding bunnies prisoner. It’s up to you and your lover to free the abducted space bunnies, lest they meet a “galactic-vacuumy” demise.

Though the game can be played in single player with an AI-controlled dog subbing in for the other player-character, co-op gameplay is the focus. Asteroid Base Co-Founder Jamie Tucker said in a prepared statement that one of the goals with Lovers was to keep co-op gamers “always involved in the action.” Continuing, he explained that forcing gamers to constantly switch between the ship’s multiple controls to fend off threats coming from all directions is how he believes his game accomplishes as much. You can see this core gameplay mechanic in action in the launch trailer above.

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