Although Six’s story might be done, the nightmare isn’t over yet. Bandai Namco has announced Secrets of The Maw, an expansion pass for the sidescrolling puzzle-horror Little Nightmares. This new content tells a side-story about The Runaway Kid, another child trying to escape the depths of The Maw. His story is divided into three chapters, which will be released over the coming months. Arriving in July, The Depths has the Kid running through the sewers of The Maw, trying to escape a terrifying underwater threat. Next up is The Hideaway, coming in November, which will focus on the home of the Nomes. The final unnamed chapter will arrive January 2018, and will determine the fate of The Runaway Kid. The Secrets of the Maw expansion pass is available now for $9.99, and will grant access to each new chapter as they become available.