We got a chance to talk with Jairo Silva, Senior Game Designer on inXile Entertainment’s upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title, Choplifter HD. The game’s premise is simple, there are people out there that need rescuing and you’ve got to be the one to rescue them. The majority of the game therefore consists of managing your helicopter’s fuel and damage while either dodging or eliminating threats and of course touching down to pick up stranded civilians from a variety of perilous situations.

Jairo details much of  Choplifter HD‘s finer points for those who aren’t entirely sure what’s going on from the gameplay. Beyond that as with every indie developer we at XBLAFans always like to talk about what it’s like on the inside, so listen in and find out some of what the team has done in working with the original designer of Choplifter to make this version a more modern, fleshed out game- the game Dan Gorlin wanted to make years ago.


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Hosted by:

Todd Schlickbernd (@Emessai)

Special guest:

Jairo Silva (@Inxile_Ent)

Produced & edited by:

Todd Schlickbernd (@Emessai)