Infinity Runners

Werewolves in space. Yeah, that’s actually a thing.

Wales Interactive’s Infinity Runner is a first person endless runner featuring a prisoner that is desperately trying to escape the confines of a ship that is falling apart while avoiding dangerous traps that are inside. The character’s movements in-game are inspired by mixed martial arts and parkour. Somewhere along the line, the legend of a werewolf exists in confines of the ship.

Features of this game includes 14 action filled levels, a story and arcade mode, werewolves in space and a wolf leveling system.

Infinity Runner is planned to release for a low price of $6.99 and is coming to Xbox One on April 22. The game will be on the Xbox Live Marketplace in a few hours. This title’s concept may be difficult to describe in words so look below for the launch trailer of this first person sci-fi action game.