Infinity Blade X1

iOS smash-hit Infinity Blade is coming to Xbox One as Infinity Blade Saga, confirms Chinese site A9VG. The console compilation will reportedly include all three games in the series and will be playable with Kinect or a controller. The port is coming from the games division of Tencent, a huge Chinese Internet company that invests in all kinds of businesses (including video games). It is a stakeholder for Epic Games, which owns Infinity Blade developer Chair Entertainment.

The original iOS games use swipe motions and symbols to engage opponents in one-on-one combat. The series makes up some of the highest-rated iOS games on the App Store and have each been flagship showoff pieces for the iPhone’s graphics capabilities. They’re also really fun. See the game playing on Kinect in the video below:

Infinity Blade Saga doesn’t have a release date yet, and it’s only confirmed for China right now. The Xbox One was able to launch in the country thanks to new legislation, but developers didn’t have very many games ready. Infinity Blade Saga will be among the first quality console games to enter the country. Luckily, Tencent won’t even have to re-lipsync any localized voices because nobody in Infinity Blade has a face.

Infinity Blade was developed by Chair Entertainment. Older XBLA Fans should recognize as the developer of Shadow Complex, one of the biggest XBLA games in 2009 that made Summer of Arcade a big deal. Come back to Xbox, Chair!

Source: A9VG via Gematsu and Kotaku