I Am Alive dev diary recommends thinking before shooting

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You approach a stranger in I Am Alive‘s Haventon. He’s a dirty, grungy type of wanderer bearing a knife. You could unholster that pistol at your side and unload a few rounds into him. Oh yes, you could do that. Thing is, you might actually only have a few rounds on you. So then what’s your course of action once he’s lying in a pool of his own blood and his menacing buddies come ambling out from around the corner? Uh-oh.

Furthermore, what if the stranger wasn’t a bad guy at all? Judging the true intentions of wanderers in Darkworks’ action-adventure title won’t be easy, and players will have to carefully scope out situations before acting. Well, if they want to live long enough to get a crack at sizing up the next poor soul wandering the city’s wastes they will, anyways.

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