If you’re one of many in dire need of new boat designs for Hydro Thunder Hurricane, Vector Unit has a treat for you.  While DLC plans are already in progress to bring new boat skins to HTH, Vector has announced that they will be holding “The Hydro Thunder Hurricane Design-A-Skin Video Contest.”  This opportunity will not only break your creative shyness but will also give you a shot at DLC immortality.

Want to make your mark on video games? Now’s your chance! Enter the Hydro Thunder Hurricane Design-A-Skin Video Contest and win a chance to design a new boat skin for your favorite boat and a free copy of the upcoming DLC pack, containing new tracks, new boats, and new skins (including yours!)

No art skills required — just tell us what you want the skin to look like and we’ll make it. A wooden Rad Hazard? Done. Damn the Torpedoes with dancing cartoon rabbits? No problem. Banshee with a…um…screaming banshee? Sure. And hey, if you do have a burning desire to express your inner artist, you can send us an image and we’ll use that.

Bonus: There will be not just one winner but TWO. We’ll pick one winner ourselves, and we’ll let the fickle tides of the internet dictate the other one with the one number YouTube users understand: cold, hard views.

To enter, visit Vector Unit’s site(the rules will be there to.)

Good luck!