The quirky platforming puzzle racer Harold should be crossing the development finishing line sometime early next year, according to the game’s official Facebook page. In a statement addressed to fans of the long-awaited title, developer Moon Spider Studio expressed their continuing efforts to make Harold a “fantastic, memorable experience well worth your time,” adding the game’s production was nearly finished and it’s “absolutely 100% coming out on Xbox 360 … early next year.”

The genre-bending offering places you in the wings of the eponymous athlete’s guardian angel, who must divinely intervene to help guide the hapless Harold through a variety of obstacles en route to the finish. In the same stroke, you’ll manipulate each course to ensure other, more qualified sprinters, arrive well after the bespectacled redhead.

Moon Spider Studio had originally planned a spring 2013 release for its first effort, and it ended up on our list of Most Anticipated XBLA Games of 2013 in the process. Though we hadn’t heard from the developer until now, with any luck we’ll finally be able to prod the unlikely Harold to victory before he ends up on next year’s list.

Source: Harold the Game