As we reported early last week, Double Fine Productions unveiled its sequel to Double Fine Happy Action Theater via a nearly 40-minute livestream over at GiantBomb on Friday. Like the game that came before it, the sequel will focus on Kinect-based mini-games that put the player(s) in wild and crazy situations (say, for example, turning yourself into a fire-breathing dragon and demolishing a city).
As the video shows, Double Fine has 17 brand new mini-games in store for the sequel, many of which are shown off in the livestream. The studio has also added the ability to snap and frame gameplay screenshots for quick upload to Facebook. In addition, Double Fine says people who buy the sequel and own the first game will unlock all 18 mini-games from the original title for use in the new game, doubling the number of minigames.

Double Fine is responsible for a number of unique downloadable titles to hit the market this generation – Happy Action Theater (available on XBLA for 800 MSP; in our review, we recommended trying before buying) along with titles like Trenched/Iron Brigade,Stacking and Costume Quest. They’ve also put out a number of full-fledged retail titles as well, with titles like Brutal LegendPsychonauts and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster (all of which were generally well-received) under its belt. If you’re not familiar with the studio, check out our primer on the fan-favorite studio.

The studio made headlines in February when it announced an upcoming title, currently known asDouble Fine Adventure, would be funded entirely through crowdfunding website Kickstarter; the title reached its original goal of $400,000 in just nine hours (the game would go on to net $3.45 million and 87,000 backers by the time the funding window closed; there are currently no plans for an XBLA release). That success has led to a number of developers taking their projects to the website for backing.

The Happy Action Theater sequel doesn’t currently have a release date, official title or set pricing, but we expect it to hit the marketplace sometime before the end of the year.