Gotham City Impostors – Monolith’s 6 vs. 6 online shooter set in a crooked Gotham City – will receive free DLC next month as way of thank you to the legions of fans that offered feedback through the beta. Announced via the Gotham City Impostor’s website, the DLC boasts a new map (set in the Gotham Times building), a pair of fresh weapons (a bullet-blocking katana and a quick-draw pistol), an additional support item, the Nimble Fingers Fun Fact and a slew of newfangled costume pieces.

Also slinking cheekily into the DLC list are a couple of fixes that look set to address two of the problems players have been most vocal about post-launch. Players will be able to join matches already in progress while improvements have been made to the matchmaking system in a bid to curtail connection errors and improve stability.

Monolith also catalogued balances and tweaks made prior to the game’s release last Wednesday,

“know that the game has launched with the assistance of an army of new dedicated servers to drastically reduce latency issues. Along with that we’ve slightly decreased the Thunder Dragon’s damage to put it on a more even playing field, fixed the quick-scope exploit, made other weapon balance tweaks and even spent some additional time optimizing maps to help with some framerate issues. (Oh, and we added some more Calling Card unlocks at the early levels.”

In a separate post, the developer disclosed information on Impostor’s public beta. 287,927 games were played with each skirmish lasting an average of 5 minutes 42 seconds. Total time played clocked in at 3.27 years with players accumulating a collective and hulking 1,290,817 items. Oh and Team Bats vanquished the Jokerz in 51% of the fracases. The Jokerz managed a slightly lower 47% with the remaining two percent attributable to stalemates.

Gotham City Impostors is available now on XBLA for 1200 Microsoft Points. Expect a review soon.