Monolith Productions producer Lucas Myers has responded to a chain of fan questions in a Q&A session on the Gotham City Impostors community board. The questions, while far from hard-hitting, provide Myers with an opportunity to speak about the game’s multiplayer modes, the nature of working with new IP and whether or not we should expect to see cross-platform play in Impostors (answer: not happening).

The more interesting morsels gleaned from the brief Q&A concern its multiplayer game types. Myers had this to say on Impostor’s suite of adversarial modes:

“Players will recognize the classic rules of TDM, but our other game modes have fun twists. Psych Warfare is our CTF variant where there are gameplay consequences for all players whenever one team scores. Fumigation is a Control Point variant that is totally tug-of-war based, so it’s very possible for a team to make an epic comeback at the brink of defeat.”

Elsewhere, the Monolith man stifled any hope of cross-platform play akin to Shadowrun and confirmed that Impostor’s would come packaged with its own single player mode, although it appears to follow in the footsteps of Monday Night Combat’s lone wolf mode; providing budding players with a nursery ground to learn the ropes before bounding into the main event.

“There is a Challenge mode which lets you practice using different mobility gadgets and weaponry in each of the maps.”

The off-kilter multiplayer first person shooter was slated for release sometime in January. It was subsequently pushed back into the February release window for undisclosed reasons. For the full Q&A, hit the link.