Gone Home the hit game by Fullbright & Midnight City is coming to Xbox One January 12, 2016. Steve Gaynor, the writer and designer of Gone Home, announced that Gone Home: Console Edition is being reworked for consoles. Upgrading the engine from Unity 4 to Unity 5 and including over 90 minutes of developer commentary.

“The winner of more than 50 end of year awards including Polygon’s Game of the Year and IGN’s PC Game of the Year,” said Fullbright in a press release. “Gone Home was a landmark independent title that redefined interactive narrative experiences. Focusing on issues of family, identity, love and loss, Gone Home touched players’ lives in ways few games can.”

Gone Home: Console Edition will be able for purchase January 12 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and promises to deliver the same great quality as the original.